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Signed copies

It had to happen

I’ve had my first enquiry regarding signed copies of my forthcoming book.


This is something I must admit that had crossed my mind but had decided could end up being a nightmare to implement.


So, I’ve come up with an idea, which during the heyday of the Alexandra Palace Theatre would not have been uncommon – a bookplate.


The plate will take the form of a self adhesive paper complete with an appropriate design, numbered and personally signed by myself.


All you will need to do is email me a photo of yourself holding your copy of my book – along with your address and details of whom you would like the inscription making out.


If like my first enquiry, you are a subcontractor that has worked on the Alexandra Palace East Wing Restoration project, feel free to have the photo include your team next to your company logo – on a van or outside your premises.


The only requirement is that you give permission within the email for me to include your photo and name or that of your company on this site.


As long as you are happy with these conditions I’ll send the bookplate by post at no additional cost to yourselves - as long as you reside within the UK.


This offer will be very limited – only 50 will be available.


So make sure you order early and that you get your photo to me as soon as you receive your copy.


I will post the design of the bookplate over the next week - so keep coming back...